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College Student Finance

Mildred Said:

I am a college student majoring in Finance. What trade publications should I read?

We Answered:

MSN Money for the abosulte latest news.
No waiting for news - and its free.
Yahoo finance, google finance, bloomberg, motley fool.

Elaine Said:

Where can a college student studying finance/accounting, look for an internship for the summer with a GPA 3.6?

We Answered:

My university had a notebook filled with different internships so perhaps yours does as well. You might check with your advisor.

You could also contact associations that deal with the area you're looking to enter. For example, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants if you were going to be a CPA. They have a website You can also call companies in your area to see what they offer. Talk to someone in Human Resources and ask their procedures.

You could also look through your local newspaper, check out the job boards (like Monster & CareerBuilder) for internships. Try a web search on business internships. I found one site that might interest you:

Good luck.

Bill Said:

I am a full-time college student lookin to finance a car. I am trying to get a job. What are my options?

We Answered:

Financed cars is more expensive to insurance cause it requires full coverage. You can compare how much you would pay for full coverage of this car using this tool -

Alfredo Said:

Is there any place that will finance a college student for a car without a job?

We Answered:

Unlike home mortgages, which can allow no documentation financing, meaning you do not fill out the area for your employment, and they go STRICTLY off your credit, a car loan is a full documentation loan, and the bank will verify your employment and salary. You will need to have a cosigner on this loan. If it is paid well, you will help establish a good credit rating for yourself so that when you graduate and have a job, you can get a good car loan, as opposed to someone who has no credit yet, and will qualify for less money and higher interest rates.

Minnie Said:

East or West Coast for college student studying finance?

We Answered:

If you are going to study finance, then go east coast. New York, Philly and Chicago are probably the three best cities for finance majors to get a good start. NYC is the top, since Wall Street is money.

Michele Said:

Student finance for mature COLLEGE student (UK)?

We Answered:

ive got a couple of friends who have done an access to learning course and you probably wont get any help as neither of them did.
higher education loans are for University and you wont get any help. although it's worth checking out EMA i'm not sure whether there is an age limit but that's the only form of financial support aimed at college students.
your best bet is to get an overdraft and a part time job.

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