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Bernard Said:

Deferred from college... writing them a letter... what do you think...?

We Answered:

your letter is actually pretty good, however, the chances that they will completely ignore it are also pretty good. you may have been deferred for many reasons unrelated to your academics. It's not fair, but a lot of colleges have racial/cultural/geographic quotas to fill. Do you live in Connecticut? Because if you do, there might be a large amount of students from your school applying there, and sometimes they only take a certain amount of students per high school (unfortunately). if you are out-of-state, it's more difficult to get in, so that could also have an impact on your deferral. How were your SAT/ACT scores? In large state schools (like UConn), many times they stack applications according to standardized tests scores (in, out, and maybe). For all the talk colleges give about recommendations, essays, etc. most state schools only pay attention to the numbers. Either way, writing a letter is gutsy, and at the very least shows the admission counselors that you're interested. However, it may not have any impact on your acceptance. Just stay positive--at least you were deferred, not rejected, and there's still hope. If you really are as accomplished as you claim, you will probably get into any other schools that you applied to. Sometimes things just aren't meant to be, and UConn isn't really the best place for you. And if you end up going to another school and hate it, you can always transfer to UConn (it's easier to get in as a transfer anyway). Good luck

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