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Contacting Student Finance

Ramon Said:

Is it easy for foreign student to get master degree in the US?

We Answered:

Contact universities in that area. Most have contact info for foreign students listed on their websites. Good luck.

Connie Said:

Help with student loan please?

We Answered:

The best thing you can do is contact HMRC and/or ask you employers. 99% of people on YA! Will have no idea what records HRMC keep - but HRMC will.…

Just a heads up - Student Finance England were not interested in my work when I applied for funding because I'd have to give it up to start my university course.

They also did not want to know about my part time job I started while at university as it did not affect my funding. The only earnings they were interested in were those of my partner who I live with.

Will you be working in both these jobs when you start studying? If not, a call to Student Finance England might be in order - last year they had a reputation for being useless.

Rosemary Said:

What can I do about this situation?

We Answered:

This is what I do if people are not returning my calls: First, leave a second message saying, "I called and left a message on ---- (date) but did not get a response. Today's date and the time of my call are: ------ I will be calling you daily to try and reach you. My name and phone number is: -------. Thank you in advance for a quick response."
Second: If the first step doesn't get you a response the next business day, call each person's place of employment and find out from the front desk who is their supervisor. Get the name and phone number of the supervisors and make another call stating that if you don't get a response by the end of the next business day, you will have no choice but call their supervisor for help with your problem.

I have had excellent results with these steps! You can try leaving a written message at the front desk where these people work, you just call in and ask to leave a message, NOT voice mail. This creates a written paper trail that you did contact someone on certain dates to support your cause when you try to have the classes dropped. The last thing I can think of is to make an in person appearance, which takes time and is inconvenient as h*ll but it can help in dire situations!

Marvin Said:

Home students, how can I live?!?

We Answered:

You might be able to get additional financial support from the OU. They can help you with e.g. internet costs. Have you tried contacting them as you might be entitled to more than you think.…

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