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Direct Gov Education

Darlene Said:

Why do people keep insisting that the education system benefits girls because it includes coursework,?

We Answered:

God knows. I'm male and I've always prefered to be continually assessed rather than have a years work be judge on a 1 hour exam.
Continual assesment is how grading should always be done because that's the type of intelligence judgement that most accurately reflects 'real life' (by which I mean working life and also just the way general intelligence is gathered).

At no point since finishing exams have I ever felt that a single point in time holds a massive value (except for moments of high emotional pressure e.g. job interviews).

Exams are essentially 'binge thinking': No work, followed by a ridiculous amount of work and pressure. Continual assessment, on the other hand measures, intelligence, patience, punctuality, effort, observation, development as well as a whole host of other things. Exams are useful in their own way but are over-valued

Terry Said:

Remember when the US Postal service used to be run by the gov't?

We Answered:

If you think the Postal Service is well run, then you've never worked for it.

The Postal Service pays way too much money to people for jobs that a monkey could do. I loved it getting paid so much while I was working there, but I'm not surprised they're a sinking ship.

Even I got paid $14/hour for part-time data entry work. And that's just as a temporary employee. Imagine what career employees got paid.

Janice Said:

why can somebody who has been in full time education in the last 4 years not claim job seekers?

We Answered:

You can claim Job Seekers Allowance but not Contribution Based Job Seekers Allowance as you would not have paid the necessary NI contributions and satisfied the earnings rules.
You would be claiming Income Based Job Seekers Allowance which will be based on any other income into the household and any capital you have. By 'household' I mean partner.
You claim as a single person if you are living with parents or other people you are not in a relationship with. Their income is not taken into account.
You can also claim Housing Benefit/Allowance and Council Tax Benefit if you are liable for either.

Anita Said:

How Can I Continue Studdies In Uk?

We Answered:


Claudia Said:

how do i get the rest of my education loan if my new college does not participate in direct loans from the gov?

We Answered:

You can't. It is your choice to transfer to a school not approved by the government... which means no loan money for you at that school. If i were you, i'd find a better school, or not bother transferring at all.

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The Postal Service pays way too much money to people for jobs that a monkey could do. I loved it getting paid so much while I was working there, but I'm not surprised they're a sinking ship.

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