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Education And Finance

Kristen Said:

Can anyone tell if there are any Weekend jobs in fields of Mrketing, HR, education,finance 4 MBA's in banglore

We Answered:

i have a gud bizenes by my sis..!!
she gets 2 lakh rupees every month..!!
if u r interested contact me--
``????? ?????

Casey Said:

What isn't Finance Education required in high school?

We Answered:

I live in UT and highschool students are required to take a class called 'financial literacy' so that they have at least some idea of what is going on.

They didn't have that when I was in school though, and it can hit pretty hard when you have to figure out how to do things on your own. A lot of kids still think that just because a credit card is accepted that they have money to spend.

It would be wonderful if parents could teach these things to their children, but in a world where a lot of parents don't know much about finances either, these kind of classes are a must.

Renee Said:

How would I finance an education abroad?

We Answered:

The number one way would be a scholarship, and I the Rhodes Scholarship is the one that is particularly worth mentioning, as it covers almost all costs and has a particular focus on North America I believe. However, this is very, very selective, but if you're particularly academically gifted it might be worth trying.

This is the website:

There may also be other scholarships, so it's worth doing some research on what's available. Oxford likes to make a lot of funds available to attract the brightest students from at home and abroad, so it's worth looking at what's on offer.

The Oxford University website is

Wallace Said:

Do you know any programs that will finance my Masters in Education?

We Answered:

Check with your state. They may have forgiveness loans that for each year you teach, the less money you would have to pay back. I think they used to have such a thing for nurses in PA a while back. Check it out.

Patsy Said:

What finance education should an IT consultant take?

We Answered:

You have posed an interesting question. You plan to stay on with IBM but want to get an understanding of banking, financial markets and insurance. You would like to finish this in a year.

You do not indicate where you live or what your undergraduate degree is in. If it is business or finance, your quest to finish in a year is realistic. If it is some thing else, you are realistically looking at a two year full time program or a part-time program that will take 3-4 years.

The CFA program is unsuitable as you have stated yourself. The financial engineering programs do not match your objectives either.

That leaves the applied finance programs. You may also want to start your search all over and specifically look for programs in banking and financial markets.

Good luck!


Harry Said:

why the government should not finance public education?

We Answered:

you should of done the opposite

because I know alot of reasons why government should finance public education

if not there would be chaos and nobody would have any education

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