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Education Student Loans

Rene Said:

I defaulted on a student loan, It was paid in full 5 years ago. Is it possible to get new loans for education?

We Answered:

Once a defaulted loan is paid in full you regain eligibilty for Title IV funding (financial aid), but your credit record will continue to show the defaulted loan for 7 years. If you are totally paid off, including collection fees, you should be able to return to school and apply for aid without a problem.

For those of you who are reading this for laughs and grins, I strongly suspect that this is not a life lesson that this person wanted to learn, and I congratulate the questioner for having the integrity to pay the loans off. It is a hard lesson to learn, but it takes true integrity to pull it together and take care of it.

Pearl Said:

Would you voluntarily join the army to get a free education or pay for student loans if you were poor?

We Answered:

No. Education is not usefull to you when you come back home in a body bag.

Annie Said:

So, is it possible for me to pay for my entire college education - 91,000 - by student loans, grants,etc?

We Answered:

What art school are you applying to??? I was interested in going to Pratt or SVA in NYC and they are super expensive- but not 90,000! They are about 35,000 a year.

To be honest, it might be worth it for you to go to a community college and major in art or maybe to a state school?

(i live in new york and i went to FIT- it's a great school and for in-state students (who live in NY for at least 1 year) it's only 3,000 a semester! it might be worth it to live in NY for a year and just work full time to save money and then call yourself a new york state resident!)

There is noooooo way you can come up with that much money on your own in financial aid if your parents make a lot. But, art school is not impossible! There are great schools that are not that expensive.

(PS- to Rockland S: You are a close-minded, inconsiderate jerk. Art is NOT useless- who do you think designed the clothes you are wearing? the furniture that you sit on while you punch numbers all day long? the ads you see in magazines and on TV? the covers of all the books you read? the layout of all the websites you visit? News flash- designers (AKA ARTISTS) did all of that. Let's see you survive without someone designing everything that you don't have the talent or motivation to design yourself!!)


Leon Said:

by the time my education is done I will have over 100k in student loans. What will I owe monthly roughly?

We Answered:

I'm about to graduate so I've been looking into repayment. I found this really good calculator which consolidates your loans and figures out what your monthly payment would be:…

I'll have taken out a total of 95k when I graduate and my payments were just over $1000 per month

Jeremy Said:

Poll: Is it worth taking out student loans, if you life is already crap and an education could improve it?

We Answered:

yes, i have student loans but i will never regret getting an education. i am proud of my accomplishment. its really the only thing i ever finished!

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