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Eligibility For Student Finance

Cory Said:

Why is Bill Gates being called a racist? Does this make you a racist?

We Answered:

He can give his money to whomever he wants.

That's the power of capitalism and directing one's charity where one wants to rather than the people's largess being funneled through political correctness political agendas both on the left and right.

Alvin Said:

Executive MBA in india by correspondence from Indian Institute of Commerce and trade, Lucknow?

We Answered:

All courses of IICT are autonomous.
More than 15 countries students are already persuing IICT courses, since 1997.
IICT courses are highly recommended, reputed and accepted courses in industry/Corporate
sector for last 10 years.

There is no entrance test for admission. It is direct.
The Admission into the IICT Distance Learning Programs is open throughout the year and
you can enroll at any time if you meet the eligibility criteria.

Indian Institute of Commerce and Trade
website : , Email :

CORRESPONDENCE Autonomous Management Program
Executive MBA
Eligibility : Graduation + 3 yrs working experiance.
: Duration of EMBA is 1 year. (under fast track 8 month)
Area offered : Foreign Trade , Marketing , Finance, Banking ,HRD, Tourism, Software Marketing,Retail,
Pharmaceutical Marketing, Insurance, Hospital management , IT , Operations

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