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England Finance Student

Ricky Said:

Can I get student finance as private candidate?

We Answered:

I believe that you can./

Jeanette Said:

Why can't you email Student finance England, but you can, Wales, Scotland, and N Ireland?

We Answered:

I have no idea why, but I know that the Student Finance England is extremely difficult to use.
I was looking up information for my friend who lives in germany but is english, to find out her eligibility for finance, etc. and had to call the call center - which most DEFINITELY wasn't in england, as the woman I dealt with didn't actually speak english..

Hope you have more luck than me!

Ross Said:

If for Student finance Help we need to live in England before ask for help 3 years how they prove it?

We Answered:

They will ask for proof - things like rent, council tax, electricity bills, etc in your name for a property in England. Of course you could still fabricate this BUT if you do you will of course be committing fraud and be liable to criminal prosecution. If you are a foreign national you will also be liable to deportation and not be able to come back for 10 years.

Priscilla Said:

Student finance england evidence problem?

We Answered:

Contact your universty admissions office and ask their advice.

Myrtle Said:

My doctor won't sign a character reference for Student Finance England... Who else can I ask?

We Answered:

Anyone giving a Character reference,should be someone that's known you personally for 2 years or more in a responsible job.Like 1 poster said a teacher or Head from your school, A family friend,a minister from your church if you frequent regularly,You need someone how really knows you, not a family member though.Dr's may not know you really even if you have seen the same 1 all your life so probably that's why he wouldn't do it.Hope it helps.Good Luck.

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