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England Student Finance

Anna Said:

When do you apply with student finance England?

We Answered:

best to do it now and put your first choice in, it doesnt matter if u change uni as long as u got finance in place.
you need to fill in your part and then ur parents need to fill in financial parts and u have to sent proofs off.
i had to send my sons,myself and husbands passport and my marriage certficate.

Elizabeth Said:

how to delete account of student finance england?

We Answered:

Delete the whole account then create a new one a few days later.

Marcus Said:

Is it okay if I send up a photocopied version of my birth certificate to student finance england as proof of I?

We Answered:

No they want the real thing, annoying I know but they don't accept photocopies (I tried and had it returned)

Emily Said:

How can i delete my student finance england?

We Answered:

I made a mistake on this to and the only way that i could be rectified was to phone them up and explain. There is no way to delete it! with me my parents and to finish their supporting application and then send the needed documents e.g a payslip along with a covering letter explaining the mistake.

Hope this helps

Nelson Said:

A question about Student Finance England, can anyone help?

We Answered:

Ah I'd be freaking out too if I was you haha! Sorry, I know that's not what you wanted to hear =P To be honest, they should get it done really quickly. They can process your application in a matter of days if everything is in only takes so long because they get so many applications sent to them at once!

But don't panic =) If you haven't got your money through by the time you go to Chester, go and see the finances department at the uni. They'll be able to lend you money, or sort something out, until your funds come through =) You could also go into your interest free overdraft at the bank too, I suppose, although this is a less advisable course of action haha. Don't worry, they're not going to let you starve either way haha =)

Cheryl Said:

What do i post my PN1 form for student finance england?

We Answered:

Student Finance England
PO Box 210

Make sure you have it weighed at a Post Office - it costs more than a 1st class stamp!

Hope that helps : )

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