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Eu Student Finance

Tracy Said:

What happens to funds sitting in UK if the EU faces a financial recession due to Greece?

We Answered:

You should be very worried as the GBP is tremendously overvalued. The UK is in line after Greece, Portugal, Italy and Ireland to have its currency turn into toilet paper. This is the end game. The world has been living off cheap, unrealistic credit for too long and it's time to pay up - with everyone taking a large hit in cumulative standards of living.

Arnold Said:

My wife is a student from the EU?

We Answered:…

you could ask them?

Tiffany Said:

birth cirtificate student finance?

We Answered:

You need to telephone them & ask what is acceptable. If someone here gives you the wrong advice it could delay your funding so ring Student Finance & get an answer from them.

Diane Said:

Student Finance in Holland?

We Answered:

Government assistance (all over the world) is only given to citizens and permanent residents. This is because it comes from tax money, so you have to be a settled tax payer. So no, if you are an English citizen, you will pay the EU rate, but you will not be getting any money from the Dutch government. The five years that you read about is the five years to apply for residency.

Beth Said:

Financial Support for Undergraduate EU Student?

We Answered:

Have you spoken to your Uni Students' Union? I'm sure they'll be able to advise you.

Ernest Said:

Help: Student finance if move to another EU country?

We Answered:

You could try and get on an Erasmus Programme in another EU Country. A Nephew of mine who was around 19 at the Time went on one and went to Lapland in Norway I think it was for several Months. He Stayed in a Student Bloc at the Local University, and His courses was Paid for and he had Subsidised Expenses, He did not have to Pay the Whole amount for living Expenses. He could have gone to any of the EU Countries but picked this one because of the type of Courses . See your local Students Union or get in touch with EU Representatives.Try and look it up on the WEB, WWW. eu,europe int I think it is for Information.

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