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European Student Finance

Carl Said:

Student fees in England?

We Answered:

The UK have much higher fees than many European countries. In some countries, like Sweden there are no fees at all for home students. There are several good reasons for keeping university studies affordable too everyone. With high fees many people would never have the chance of getting a university education and a qualified job, even if talented and motivated. If everyone is given a fair and equal chance to study at a prestigious university, no-one is unduly favoured. If, however only those with rich parents can afford to study, any amount of public funds used for education, will inevitably be spent on those already privileged. Not only the individual student will benefit if the most talented and not the richest student get the position and if more people get a university education.

@Sarah: Perhaps you should look into studying abroad, not only because of the costs. Sweden may not be bad at all if you are willing to learn Swedish. We do have very reputable universities here too and as an EU citizen, which I presume you are, you will be a home student and exempt from tuition fees.

Lynn Said:

Does anyone have information about full scholarship for Master level for Eastern European students?

We Answered:

It depends on your situation. Ask your financial aid advisers and even your counselors at the college you are attending. They can answer all the questions that you might have!!!!!!!!!

Kevin Said:

What major should I pursue in college that will help me move to the UK? - US college student, want to move2UK.

We Answered:


We lack good doctors and lawyers in this country

Brittany Said:

Is an MSc in Finance or Economics worthwhile for a U.S. student?

We Answered:

Most MBA programs prefer students with 2-3 years work experience after the first degree, but some accept students right out of college if they have good grades and a high GMAT score. Some MBA programs are designed specifically for new college graduates without work experience.

Consult the Official MBA Guide. It's a comprehensive free public service with more than 2,000 MBA programs listed worldwide. It allows you to search for programs by location (US, Europe, Far East, etc.), by concentration (finance, marketing, aviation management, health management, accounting, etc.), by type of program (full-time, distance learning, part-time, executive, and accelerated), and by listing your own criteria and preferences to get a list of universities that satisfy your needs. Schools report their accreditation status, tuition cost, number of students, class sizes, program length, and a lot of other data. Schools provide data on entrance requirements, program costs, program characteristics, joint degrees, and much more. You can use the Guide to contact schools of your choice, examine their data, visit their web site, and send them pre applications. You can see lists of top 40 schools ranked by starting salaries of graduates, GMAT scores, and other criteria. It's the best service available at

Rafael Said:

how can i find a complete list european bank for finance ?

We Answered:

Look in the phone books for each city, or google "banks".

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read said:

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