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Extra Student Finance

Jon Said:

I am buying a laptop. What company, programs, basics, extras, price should I require? I am a finance student.?

We Answered:

First question--what will you use the PC for, graphics, music, TV, photo's, videos?
Must get a firewall they are free, check out Microsoft Home.
By the way if you buy a PC consider a MAC that runs XP and the new VISTA.
Then you need anti virus use CLAM AV, its free, then a spyware detector use AD aware and Spybot.
Office software is almost free or cheap, use STAR Office or Word Perfect or Microsoft Office.
Dont forget a USB thum drive for backup transferring and carrying data arround. I like Dell, HP, Compaq and Toshiba especially for a Linux laptop use or even dual OS systems. COMPusa, Amazon, Staples, etc
Dont buy a laptop if you dont need it, Desktops are much much cheaper!!

Jon Said:

tell me the scope for mba in finance?i am engg student which extra course should i do for better placements?

We Answered:

if u are a automobile engineer then u donot have to do MBA in finance as there a re a thousands of openings for automobile engineers.

Beth Said:

how do i make money online, i need extra income for my studies as a student?

We Answered:

Hi i'm doing this...i monthly earning 8000 to 9000...
i spending daily two hours in my system..

Are u looking for online part-time job and ful -time??

[Do ur work and get check] dont invest ur money before u get the check 4 ur work..

(my big big advice is don't invest ur money before u get the first payment of ur work)
suppose they ask deposit means don't belive that company because i loss my money two times..

*****90% if u invest means u wll be cheated by others*****

Earn money from home without any investment!!
ya its very simple...
Work at home, Online jobs, Part time jobs, home based jobs,...
for who wants to earn money through Home based internet jobs without any investment
you just spend daily 1hour in ur home or any net cafe..
Here monthly payment is conform& guarantee..
you can earn upto 20,000 for month without any investment!!!
search all the links wel and then choose the suitable job for u..

i found this useful wesite answer yahoo.answer....

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