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Finance England Student

Hugh Said:

Is anyone else having trouble contacting student finance england by phone?

We Answered:

Ive just rang them. I was on hold from 1.30pm and someone answered at about 2pm. They shut at 5 on Saturdays and Sundays so it might be good to ring at about 4ish?
Unfortunately you just have to be patient.
Good luck.

Hector Said:

Can anyone answer this question about Student Finance England?

We Answered:

Two to three days after confirmation.

Grace Said:

Other than student finance england is there any other funding available to students?

We Answered:

Depending on what you are studying you may be able to get assistance from various charities and scholarship funds too. Try looking at the and follow the links. I looked at funding like this, but didn't get far as have husband, kids etc...

Failing that, have you thought of getting a lodger in?

Todd Said:

What is wrong with the student finance england website?

We Answered:

I share your annoyance Student Finance England has possibly the worlds worst designed website and the most inadequate telephone system.

1. Student Finance England have been having some problems with the 'correspondance' link and are "trying their hardest to get it working again".

2. The telephone system has been overloaded lately, which seems occur consistently at this time of year. I managed to get through, but only after holding for 30 mins.

If it is forms you are looking for, they can be found here: -

If you are trying to reset your account login details: -,1201052&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

Hope this helps,


Cynthia Said:

On student finance england it says my alias ID is incorrect on adding my fathers details?

We Answered:

hey, it did the same thing to me when i tryed to add my little sister because she isgoing to uni this year. I got so fed up i just carried on and thought "f it!" lol. Anyways, when I got to the end and it recaps on all your info so you can check its right, there she was. i guess it added it and told me it didnt and then wouldnt add it a second time or something.

Just carry on and hopefully it will have sorted itself by the time your finished. If not, give them a ring, not the best thing you can do because the people that answer are pretty much clueless, but i tryed sending them letters last year and that was even worse, and as there is no e mail or anything, you kind of have no choice but to give them a ring lol. Good luck!

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Christopher Lee said:

You had the trouble too? I also had the rouble contacting student finance england by phone. I think the issue is with their site, hope it get solve soon.

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