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Finance For Part Time Students

Marian Said:

Can part time students get as much in scholarships and grants? Financial aid and loans?

We Answered:

If you are a part-time student, you will not receive as much in financial aid grants as a full-time student would because you would not have the same tuition costs, fees, or book costs.

You can still take out the maximum in federal loans, and you can still qualify for scholarships (unless they stipulate that you must be a full-time student). With scholarships, just be sure to read all of the details.

Joann Said:

internships or part time jobs for a student majoring in finance?

We Answered:

I don't know specifics, but at my school they use a website like monstertrak and we have a school login that we can use and companies can put out listings for internships and jobs specifically for people going to our school. Talk to someone at your school and see if they have something like this.

I am an accounting major and I am an intern at an insurance company

Angel Said:

Do MBA students at top schools get better treatment/job positioning than part timers at the same school?

We Answered:

What do you mean the schools are preferential? Some companies prefer to higher full-timers and some schools prevent part-timers to having all of the on campus job hunting resources that full-timers do (partly because it is not fair to the full-timers because a lot of them cannot compete against someone with 5+ years work experience and partly because the companies that pay their part-timer's tuition do not want to lose these employees). But you will find as a part-timer that graduates that you do NOT need the career center. You can find a much better job through research and headhunters than the school can get you. They only have grunt jobs.

If you are talking about admissions, then there is no competing. Each program has a set amount of positions to fill and being accepted to one does not affect someone applpying to the other

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