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Finance For Students

Andrew Said:

how many internships do college students (finance majors) do on average before they graduate?

We Answered:

I recommend doing as many internships, fellowships, summer jobs, as possible. I know for me, a management major, I had four internships before I graduated in 2009 (I also worked two part-time jobs). Of course, this is all anecdotal because there are no national statistics on how many internships that college complete in the United States. With this being said, I would recommend doing at least two or three internships.

Julia Said:

Looking for input from college students with a finance background?

We Answered:

This is a very interesting idea. I am not sure about it's application for just students? Possibly in portfolio management classes, I know we used similar programs that did not have the social or viewing aspect. Good luck!

Jill Said:

What are some main firms that take finance students?

We Answered:

ALL commercial banks out there! Bank of America, HSBC, City Bank, etc.
Plus, investment banking firms such as Goldman Sachs that has reeally high pays but also really crazy stress.
And finally you can work in any company's finance department but it's less of an exciting job.

Karen Said:

written project work for bsc in banking and finance students?

We Answered:

Research one stock, say Microsoft. Study its financial statements, trends, etc. Decide if the stock is a good investment today.

Debbie Said:

Hi, please help! I need students/ex-students to fill in a short questionnaire on student finance?

We Answered:

Ok. I will contribute to your research. I will be your sample... but one of the next days.
Kind Regards.

Clifton Said:

Please suggest me, what are the computer courses better for MBA [finance] students?

We Answered:

I think the best computer couses is BSIT or MIS that is sure you will get hired

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