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Finance Games For Students

Viola Said:

Adult pirate pary ideas!!!?

We Answered:

Rum Rum and more Rum!!

Savage food like chicken legs, lumps of bread and any kind of cooked carcases.
Punch bowls with fake rats sitting in them.
Lots of big old ropes hanging from the walls. You could collect it from local building sites or if you are lucky enough to be near a harbour, dock or weir.
Some eye patches donated by the friendly student nurse.
Anything nautical like some life buoys or anchors. You would be surprised where you could borrow some from....

In fact, call around to local businesses. My boyfriend used to be in the students union and any time they had an event they called local businesses and asked for any donations. You would be surprised what he got. Years supplies of chocolates, condoms, packet soups, cereal bars..... maby a local costume shop would be more than willing to help considering the students would be one of their main target groups and it would be great product promotion for them as long as you give them some recognition..... I wanna organise this party now :)

Can I come?? :)

Adam Said:

Can someone tell me some finance games / activities that can be conducted for MBA students?

We Answered:

I'm not sure where you are working/studying, but in my experience, most MBA students are pretty serious about what they are doing, and you need to be careful about wasting their time with something which could be seen as busy work. You wouldn't give "games" to med students or law students; why MBA students?

Alvin Said:

how important is this for my macbook?

We Answered:

More RAM will allow you to run through your programs a bit quicker, as 2gb is recommended in today's PC. More HDD space will obviously allow you to store more photos, videos, music, etc. etc., and is worthy of the upgrade at well. If faster operation and more storage space is of no importance, then don't consider the upgrades; however, if you value a pleasant experience on your shiny new mac, more RAM and more storage is a good call.

Jeffrey Said:

Would a graduate degree in mathematics give me a leg up when competing for a job in the field of finance?

We Answered:

No, not unless you went into financial engineering, to which you need a master's degree in it anyway (and now into the next few years is a terrible time to get into this niche area).

Finance itself is not very math intense at all so your added credentials wouldn't have much weight on your application. If you want a major leg up, considering double majoring in accounting. Whatever you do, don't spend too much time in school for business operation careers. Work experience is the key.

Christina Said:

How much of my paycheck should I save every month?

We Answered:

Well, the usual savings goal advised by financial advisors is 10% of your income.

It used to be advised that you have 6 months worth of living expenses in a readily available savings account as an emergency fund. In this day and age I would recommend having 12 months worth of living expenses in an emergency savings account, particularly since you live in an area with a very high cost of living. That would mean having about $45k or so in a regular, easily available savings account (could be a money market checking acct - just some instrument that you can access easily, immediately if necessary, and without penalty, in the event of an emergency).

After you have stashed that away for emergencies (and assuming you have no credit card debts, which you should also pay off) then you can start thinking about saving for retirement, investing, and saving for special purchases such as a down payment on a house or a car - or for your children's college education if you expect to have children at some point ... you do not need to wait until after you have had children to start saving for their education, and it might be smart to get a head start on that savings project).

Of course you should not make your savings plan be so draconian that you can't afford to have any fun. Make a budget that includes some "fun money" every month and that also includes short term savings for things like holidays, vacations, etc.

Good luck! You're doing the right thing to begin thinking about all this now.

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