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Gov Student Finance

Louise Said:

How annoying is Student Finance ???? :(?

We Answered:

i know its ridiculous - they keep changing things all the time. and all the codes and passwords are annoying. always having to send stuff off and why do you have to reapply and fill out the whole form again yr after yr every yr your at uni, even if nothing has changed. for me, the worst thing was, they changed my loan amount half way through the yr (yes they can do this) and so term1, i got loads, term2, i got a tiny amount because they presumed i had tonnes left over from term 1, and then term3 a mediocre amount. the system should be better regulated. when i asked them about the change, it took them ages to get the numbers right, even though i had figured it out - ridiculous.

Danny Said:

Student Finance England and providing UK Passport (original)...?

We Answered:

I sent mine Special Delivery with Royal Mail & paid for it to be returned to me Special Delivery. It came back, no problems. It's the safest way to send important documents.…

Esther Said:

Student finance for postgraduates?

We Answered:

It might be worth a phone call to the Student Finance Team at your LEA and explain your situation. They could write a letter to you stating there is no funding for a Post-grad course. I work for an LEA and have done this for students.

Can't think of anything else sorry!

Good luck

Nathan Said:

Is this the right place to apply for student finance? (I am starting uni in September)?

We Answered:

Yes, that's the right place. If you've not applied for student finances before, you don't have any log in details with them and need to register a new account. If you have applied before (through them under their old name - they changed this year) then I'd suggest you phone them up or look back through any correspondence with them (all letters they send you have your ART ID on them)

Freddie Said:

Financial aid for uni?

We Answered:


UK Scholarships guide

scholarship offers the opportunity to study at a UK college or university every year…

Financial Aid. UK & EU Citizens…

Scholarships and Student Finance Office - The University of Edinburgh

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