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Guide To Student Finance

Charlie Said:

FROM DO I GET MBA PROSPECTS FOR DISTance learning course from symbiosis?

We Answered:

give me symbiosis university course of MBA Distance Learning Forms. Prospect

Jessie Said:

what is the best for mba student finance or hr?

We Answered:

go for what you are good at HR

Daisy Said:

I need to cite this article, who is the author?

We Answered:

I would use Moneynet, as a corporate author. They use that name on the web page. While they call themselves by a web address on that page - - I found the actual business name under Contact Us.

If you are not comfortable with that for some reason, then list the page in your source list by the title of the page, which is Student finance guide. Moneynet would only appear in the web address part of the reference. In text you simply refer to it by the title instead of author. The specific typology of it would follow your required referencing style for in text citations of titles, i.e. MLA, APA etc.

Leslie Said:

Does seigniorag represent an unlimited source of government revenue? Discuss theoretically and empirically?

We Answered:

Seigniorage = printing money = inflation tax

theoretically, it will devalue money and cause hyperinflation
empirically, that is exactly what happened in Zimbabwe.

Go to wikipedia (link in sources), read that, then look up inflation, hyperinflation, as well as Zimbabwe and its economy.

Floyd Said:

MBA electives in Marketing n Finance for a Hotel management background student?

We Answered:

decide on what you wish to pursue....

if you are good at numbers and calculations, and especially lik to be associated with the finance management part - go for MBA - Finance (click the link for further details -…

if you are interested in selling part of a business, and have good communication / convicing / marketing skill - go for MBA Marketing....

both are fine and equal in terms of career prospects and salary wise.

good luck !!!!

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Pulau Pramuka said:

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