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He Student Finance

Alexander Said:

student finance for resident?

We Answered:

I think if you are a resident you should be ok to apply for a student loan. Check out this site for information:

Olga Said:

Can a "B" student in finance make it with a top firm if he has good networking/social skills?

We Answered:

As a fresh grad looking for their first job, its hard to get that 50k job. I'm not saying its impossible, but its really hard, especially if you are just aiming for a B average. Realistically you are looking at 35k-40k. Since you are graduating from a top school, maybe you will be closer to the 40k mark.

Even if you get into a top firm, they not going to pay you that much fresh out of college. Its a two way deal. They get cheap labor out of you, and you get experience out of them. Perhaps after 1-2 years of service, they will promote you (much more pay), or you can take your experience and move on.

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Wisata Pulau Seribu said:

executing work within the field associated with tourism is within desperate desire excellent abilities. working job site is incredibly appropriate for me that an specialist in the field of vacation and acumen.

Pulau Harapan said:

undertaking work within the field related to tourism is within desperate need excellent abilities. working function site is extremely appropriate in my opinion that an expert in the field of traveling. said:

Student finance will help me to go further.