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Higher Education Student Finance

Marshall Said:

Phd in Psychology Long Haul vs. Get a Masters in Higher Ed/Student Affairs and get Experience?

We Answered:

what about a degree in educational psych? some scholarships are available to pay your tuition if you agree to work for them a year...or an indian reservation or large city schoo corp.
good luck

Daniel Said:

Why don't universities include business education courses when calculating a high school student's GPA?

We Answered:

wow...we need to petition for many students could and would benefit from a positive like yours.

Cassandra Said:

access to higher education course?

We Answered:

You need to speak to somebody from the college finance dept. They will point you in the right direction. Some colleges have their own funds to help people out & some will let you pay the fees in instalments.

Stella Said:

Student Finance for Higher Education?

We Answered:

Are you applying through UCAS? If so, then apply for grants/loans using this website:

Jose Said:

what courses count as higher education?

We Answered:

Anything which is above A level.

I suspect nursing does - but if you are unsure I would ring them up and ask.

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