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Household Income Student Finance

Lauren Said:

I'm self employed. Will an estate agent accept my books done by a chartered accountant as proof of my income?

We Answered:

accounts certified by a chartered accountant are the usualy way of proving yr income if ur self employed. the standard tenancy agreement is for 6 months and rent is payable monthly in advance

Felix Said:

FAFSA Question?

We Answered:

Your financial aid is based on how many people are in your home that you support more then 50% of the time. If you are taking undergraduate studies you could get up to $4700 from Pell, $1000 for FSEOG (providing the school you are attending has the funds) and if you graduated from high school after 2005 you could also be eligeble for the ACG grant or the SMART grant. Grants do not have to be repaid, however more and more students are finding that that is still not enough. Depends on the type of school you are attending, your best bet would be to contact your Financial Aid department at the school you choose to find out what their requirements are. They may even require your mom to complete a Parent Plus Loan Application as well. Another thing, look to see what grants are offered by your state to try to keep your loan limits as low as possible. I am a financial aid counselor and I have many students that are paying over $300 a month for a $40,000.00 student loan. So be careful and always ask questions! Good luck with your education!

Edith Said:

How could this wallstreet $700 billion deal effect someone like me?

We Answered:

No, it will not help you at all. It will not help any one.
Hmm, of course it does help someone, it helps the CEO's and investors to make huge profits.
The Government should not interfere and let all these banks and institutions go bankrupt. Then the market will get back to normal and any person can buy a house at affordable prices. Since that's not going to happen, nothing will change. Although, there are a few changes. Rich get richer, poor get poorer. If the Government gives any money (as a loan). This is tax payers money, they should have stipulations, i.e. the Government takes control and ALSO receives the profits, just as investors would get. Not just a loan with interest!! It now becomes an INVESTMENT by the Government and if and when there is a profit (which you can count on), these profits are paid back to the tax payers in the form of tax credits, or whatever. If the Government only buys up the bad debt, there will be no change and all will be same within 1 year. The financial institutions prefer such, and they will be laughing all the way. Take AIG.. suddenly the investors consider to put up their own money to invest in AIG, because they do not want the Government to take control over AIG. Hmm, why not? Yes, GREED! There is an "easy" solution. Create a package whereby the Government buys all bad debt (mortgages) and restructure the mortgage, whereby people can pay less, even if it is directly to the Government. That way, no closings, value remain market and there is a real solution.
Let the invetsment banks go bankrupt, it does not matter at all, since only investors lose money. Who cares about the rich. Keep in mind, Freddy Mac and Fannie May are entities guaranteeing the mortgages up to a certain amount for low income houses, not the rich!! These mortgages again are guaranteed by the Government, thus nothing new. People buying a house with no money down, because the institutions provided them with the capital took a risk and have to be responsible for their risk. If they lsoe money, let it be. Not the tax payers responsibility to pay for their greed and mistakes.

Kurt Said:

english english essay feel free to correct error thank you?

We Answered:

get education “Education” is a noun Nouns almost never stand alone. Depending on the context, you should have a word like an;this;that;some;the etc or it can stand independent of these words if it is plural “Educations” here I think you want “an education” since you are talking about education in general. and stay in college. For some students; that with low household incomes, “That” refers to one- example “That student”. You are referring to many students so you should use “those”- Those students- For some students, those with low….
taking a job is not a matter of choice, but necessity. Necessity is a noun and one that should not stand alone, it should read-a necessity
So you need to work to save money for college tuitions fees If you are going to use “tuition” and “fees” together- You are using one as a noun and one as a description. “fees” is your noun-What kind of fees? Tuition Fees- Descriptions are never plural in English.
or even books. In the current economy it is not such a bad thing for teens to understand the value of hard work, and what it takes to run a home under the current financial conditions. So all current college students should get a part time jobs. Here you have an inconsistency “a” is being applied to “jobs”- “A” means 1—The “S” in Jobs means more than 1. Since you are talking about many students, I recommend eliminating the “a”—All students should get part-time jobs.
There are benefits for working as part time student is Here you have another inconsistency and a little confusion. 1. Inconsistency- “1 benefit is” “several benefits are” Suggestion-The benefits of working are. 2.Confusion - You could have said “There are benefits for working part-time” and then make a list A) develop a sense of… B) Learn time management…. Or you could have said “The benefits of working part-time are… “ and again make your list. It seems you have confused the two of them.
that you learn to develop sense of independence and responsibility which are This is inconsistent because you are confusing two things. The subject of your sentence is “sense” which is singular and it really doesn’t matter how many concepts you add on to it after the word “of” your verb must agree with “sense” The sentence should read You develop a sense of independence and responsibility which is difficult to… difficult to develop without activities other than studying. Time management also play key roll Time management is one thing, you would replace “time management” with the pronoun“it”. I always remind my students that HE/SHE/IT =S it seems the best way to clear the confusion of when to use “S” in a verb (there are exceptions though) your sentence should read “Time management also plays a …” There are two different types of “roll” and you are using the wrong one, you want to use the word “role”
it shows student that they are capable You are being inconsistent “student” is singular “they” represents something plural. There are a couple of ways to fix this, here is the easiest way
“it shows students that they are…” of keeping balance between their school work and job. Choose a job that you can enjoy and will help you in future career in which will be able to put all the skills you will learn into good practice.

I corrected everything in red in MS word but I guess you can only use black on yahoo answers. Also I couldn't fit all of the corrections here,Im going to post this on my English grammar help blog so you can see it with the comments in red
Whenever you have questions about grammar or writing, I'm always happy to answer them on my new Blog
Also visit for very unique effective and free English fluency and listening comprehension exercises.

Neil Said:

should i apply to med school?

We Answered:

You say you want to do medicine because you're good at science, not because you want to deal with patients. You also said that you would be happier doing something else. Go to graduate school, get a PhD and become a researcher. It's much less time than going to medical school and you get to do something you like. Software engineers and bioinformaticists can be paid a pretty decent amount, more so if they have a PhD. Try corporate research rather academic research if you want money.

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