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Mitchell Said:

omg student finance is sooooo annoying?

We Answered:

Yes..very tiresome

Barbara Said:

student loan and grant payment not recieved?

We Answered:

A lot of payments are due to go through tomorrow (Monday), some people get them on different dates depending on their unis term dates. So I would wait until tomorrow to see if it turns up. If that fails ring them every few days until things are sorted. Fact is student finance is a rubbish organisation and the way to get them to do anything is to nag continuously.

Kathryn Said:

My mother has not been sent her 'student finance' account details via email? Help?

We Answered:

Ask your mother to directly contact the university./

Marian Said:

what do student finance is provisional?

We Answered:

provisional means they ar waiting for some proof like p45s or proof of wages or savings and then it will be granted

approved means that the final amount of loan has been decided and will be sent out

Willie Said:

Student finance: ask a question?

We Answered:

It's on the side where it says My Account, My Messages, View Correspondence, etc. etc. Only the problem is, it keeps disappearing! The amount of times I've needed to ask a question and the button just isn't there. Then as soon as everything's sorted, it reappears! It is so frustrating. The only thing to do is either wait for it to come back or phone them up, except when you phone them they keep you on hold for hours, with the hold message saying "You may find it more convenient to use our website"! I've been given a non-means tested assessment because I haven't given them my dad's information, that would be fine if I hadn't sent in three different documents to prove his income. Sorry I can't help, but if you'd like to assist me in hunting them down and pulling their fingers out for them, you're welcome to join :)

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