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Maintenance Loan Student Finance

Minnie Said:

Student finance help please!?

We Answered:

Yeah the student finance site is completely outdated and not very user friendly at all. said it would take me an hour, took me about 3 just because of the stupid interface they have.

you have to budget A LOT to get by on just your loan. probably best to get a job at uni or over the summer and only buy tescos value stuff etc.

are you doing it income assessed? as if you are you should get a bigger grant (money you don't have to pay back) and a smaller loan. basically you won't have to pay back as much.

Grant details depending on income.…

lol £2,763 per week, keep dreaming, its annual.

like i say, you'll probably want to do it income assessed, i don't know how much you earn so...

don't know about student accounts, probably best to wait until august as this is when the banks come out with all the student deals etc. thats what i'm doing.

well it's a good job you've done your student finance early. i think they're sympathetic towards those who haven't had their loan through yet anyways, and theres always savings you have/ money from job/ overdraft anyway.

hope i helped

Harry Said:

Student finance help.?

We Answered:

hey, the maintainance loan they give you is based on you parents combined income

the more your parents earn the smaller the loan they give you

since your parents earn a lot of money its up to your parents to pay the difference and give you money to live off,
its not fair on us people whos parents cant afford to pay for uni whether i get a loan or not if you get the full loan too when you parents earn plenty of money

Morris Said:

Do I have to pay my maintenance loan back straight away?

We Answered:

i suppose it will go down to the reason you are dropping out of university, if for genuine reasons then i see no problem why they would not do this, i beleive that either way Student finance will ask you to pay it back when you have a job earning over 15k (this may depend on if yoru working during the year between goign to uni ?

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