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Nhs Student Finance

Terrance Said:

What benefits am I entitled to as a student in the UK?

We Answered:

What with the tories in charge? No.

Sharon Said:

Single parent nhs students please only?

We Answered:

I am a qualified nurse and a mentor to students. If you speak to someone at university I am sure they will help. You will definately receive a bursary and of course you won't pay uni fees. I am sure you can also apply for child tax credits and child care allowance. It may also help you to speak to the Citizens Advice Bureau as they will advise you of benefits you will be able to apply for. At least you'll have a good career at the end of it and the money to support your family. Hope this helps.

Becky Said:

Can i get free braces if i am a 20 year old uni student?

We Answered:

I'm afraid you will not be able to get orthodontic treatment for free. If you are a student and aged between 19 and until you turn 22 you can fill in a HC1 certificate which can allow you free dental treatment. Ortho is cosmetic and so not covered, its only necessary treatment thats covered

our practice offers intrest free credit and you're looking at 1200 per arch

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