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Problems With Student Finance

Micheal Said:

I m engineering student and i have some problem in engineering economics subject help me out?

We Answered:………

Also, try an old EIT study guide, they usually have a section on Eng Economics.

Good Luck

Elaine Said:

College student getting a computer and information systems with a double major in finance. What to do?

We Answered:

Well, "enjoyable" to one person might really be horrible to another, so how can we know what will be enjoyable for you?

You could work in the finance department of a tech company or the tech department of a finance company. CIS is a broad major, so it really depends on what area you focus on.

Tommy Said:

Why do people answer finance homework questions here?

We Answered:

Some finance texts can be quite inaccessable, and while the material may not be terribly challenging, its entirely possible that a Y!Answerer can explain material better than the author of a text. A classic example "Probability, Random Variables, and Sotchastic Processes" makes the subject even more challenging than it already needs to be.

Simply giving an answer may be unethical, but explaining why it is so, is not. That said, a challenging example in a (sterile) academic environment can be very discouraging- and if the Yahoo Answerer helps the (often) kid not dislike finance quite as much, the harm may be reduced.

Robin Said:

Student Loan Problems?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Ramon Said:

-UNI and mental health Problems ?- finance to.?

We Answered:

How is your home situation? Is it best for you to remain living in, or near, your home, in case you need help? A lot of students with mental health issues go to uni, but I recommend that they think long and hard about living at home, or at least if they go away to uni, that they consider, if necessary, going to a uni that's near their home, so that they don't lose those home-based support systems. If that's something you need, then make it a primary factor when choosing unis. It's a completely reasonable thing to consider re: uni choices.

In addition, it's also possible, at some unis, to do your course part-time, rather than full-time. If you feel that a part-time program would suit you best, then that's what you focus on.

You need to understand your own needs, and what's best for your health; and only look at unis that suit you as an entire person.

Since you like helping others, some fields I think you might like include teaching, nursing, social work. All of those require only a bachelors degree to enter.

Most unis offer some sort of mental health services, but you will need to look into that for the specific unis that interest you.

There are student loans in the UK. A grant is something you don't have to pay back. A loan, you do. If you're on disability now, speak to someone in that office to see if they offer any sort of special financial support to you re: uni.

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