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Student England Finance

Lynn Said:

Would student finance england pay my fees to study abroad?

We Answered:

If you are studying at an English University and do a year abroad as a part of your degree, either for a Semester or a whole year, optional or obligatory (usually a SOCRATES or ERASMUS exchange), there are no fees to pay to the host or home University. You can still get student grants and loans, and may even qualify for help towards travel costs and an extra grant just for studying abroad.
Personally, I am studying in France this year. I get extra student loans for being abroad, around £2000 / 2400€ grant (non-repayable) for doing an ERASMUS exchange, around 100€ a month from the FRENCH government as help towards my accommodation, and I pay no course fees to anyone for the year.

On the other hand, if you are planning on obtaining a degree abroad for the full time, and not going to British University at all, then you would have to apply for the same funding as a student in that country would, and cannot go through the Student Loans company at all. For example, if planning on studying a full degree in France, you would probably get the same funding/grants/loans as a French student studying there.

Tammy Said:

Does anybody know about student Finance in England?

We Answered:

you will only get funding if your second degree if it is medicine, nursing, social work or teaching.

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