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Student Finance 2010 Forms

Alberto Said:

Questions about FAFSA - new at this and need clarification/guidance?

We Answered:

No, you should not correct your 09-10 FAFSA because you will not qualify as an independent student on that year's FAFSA. The question on the 09-10 FAFSA asks "were you born before January 1, 1986?" and that answer would be NO. However, that question changes on the 10-11 FAFSA to "were you born before January 1, 1987?" So now, beginning in 10-11 you will be qualified as an independent student based on your age alone. This means you will not be required to provide any parent information on the 10-11 FAFSA whatsoever. This FAFSA is currently available online and becomes affective for the Fall 2010 semester (

So, you are incorrect on your age status as of June; you are correct in that your mother's failing to file a tax return when she is required by federal law to do so has effected your eligibility to receive federal student aid.

To file your 10-11 FAFSA, just go back to, under section 2 click on "Fill out FAFSA" and select the 10-11 application. Again, you will no longer be required to provide parent information. So her income does not matter. Furthermore, it does not matter that you live with her, it does not matter if she claims you on her taxes and it does not matter how much money she made. You will report only your own income. If that is $0, then enter $0. Simple as that.

Tamara Said:

Is my letter of recommendation ok like that?

We Answered:

The letter is OK but some English needs to be corrected./

Jacqueline Said:

Question of an application form?

We Answered:
no Lainie they are asking the question of the mother about the mother. Here they want information about your mom. Your mom wil only include the 21 y/o borther if he is financially dependent upon your mom. wholly is the key word here.

Clyde Said:

what is a p60u form?!?!?

We Answered:

Sorry, not quite right. Any form P60 is what employer gives at end of tax year , a statement of pay and tax for the year. It doesn't get given to a new employer, that is a form P45.
A form P60U is a similar statement, issued to people receiving Jobseekers by the Jobcentre. It is issued after 5th April, and always shows Jobseekers paid, and sometimes amount of pay from a previous job. It is a legal document, and acceptable proof as Jobseekers received. It is only given for Jobseekers, not other benefits.

Jeff Said:

Need urgent help understanding this citation to discover assets..lawyers would be helpful please?

We Answered:

It looks like you have been sued, possibly in small claims court, for some bill you didn't pay, and now the person you owe is trying to find out what assets you have so they can attach them to get paid since they won at the hearing.

Show up with those things you have, and answer any questions you are asked honestly, and you will be okay. They won't take away your only car. And there is no debtors prison any more, so you won't go to jail,

Felix Said:

When is the right time to apply Student Finance?

We Answered:

Well it is too early for you to apply to uni so it is far far to early to apply for student finance. The forms were ready around easter of the year I went for me I think. Your school should tell you (they even gave us the forms) but it certainly isn't anything you will be applying for this calender year so you and your mum can chill out!

Rosa Said:

This is long question thank you to those that take the time to read it and answer it?

We Answered:

If you did not sign ANY forms pertaining to borrowing anything or have not been notified that you will be receiving anything, AND you have not received any funds from the school or had the tuition paid for by any other person than yourself, it is the school's responsibility to return the money to lender or even CANCEL out the loan and just deny your grant for right now.

Technically if you didn't sign any forms or did not approve of borrowing any money, it is not your responsibility to pay anything back to anyone.

Don't register for any classes or incur any fees so you don't owe the school anything so then they don't have a reason to take your money.

Let them know that you do not wish to borrow any money or receive any grants from them. You must withdraw from all your classes right now!

Glad you are on top of your school paperwork. Hope it helps. Goodluck!

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