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Student Finance 2010

Holly Said:

Question about Student Finance England...?

We Answered:

Yes will be fine, if you havnt completed and submitted the online form just start again from scrath on paper. If you have submitted it just ring them and tell them you found the form very confussing and want to submit another one and they will disgard the former one. It can be confusing read the instructions very carefully as what you say can hinder how much money you get. If your parents work its fair to say you will be over the threshhold and you should asked not to be financially asessed this way you will e entitled to a bigger loan and always say you live away from home during term time. however If you are from a low income family make sure you are income assed this way you will get help with fees and a grant and a larger loan.

Keith Said:

Can I change my bank account after ive submitted my Student Finance Application?

We Answered:

yes that is possible, i have done it before. All you need to do is contact Student Finance and you can tell them your new sort code and a/c no. they will then be able to change your details. you can also go online and change your details or contact the company and they will change your details for u. just ensure that you allow the time to change your details before you actually receive your money otherwise it will be sent to the wrong account. hope that helps huni xx

Mathew Said:

Applying for student finance 2010/2011 online..?

We Answered:

Presumably, you are a student who lives with your parents, in which case you are correct: you need to select the "Apply for support" option.
(The 'Support an application' option is for people - like your parents perhaps - who need to enter their financial details in relation to someone else's claim. )

Dan Said:

Can you change your student finance application (2010/11) after submitting it?

We Answered:

Ask your guidance counselor for her help in effectuating the changes./

Edwin Said:

When do you have to apply to student finance about courses starting september 2010?

We Answered:

You do a FAFSA form as part of the application process. Did you ask your guidance counselor about financial aid forms? The schools usually ask for them. Do a search on "FAFSA" or look for a book about it at the library or bookstore if you're still not sure.

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