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Student Finance 2011

Virgil Said:

University student finance?

We Answered:

You can apply for student finance as soon as they start taking applications for 2011 entry, which will be in about 6 months' time.

Nothing will be paid to you until the university confirm you have enrolled on your course, so if student finance approve your application & then you decide not to take your place, you will not have to pay anything back to them.

It's a good idea to apply early, keep an eye out for when they start the process for next year!

Leonard Said:

help with student finance 2011/12?

We Answered:

What a rubbish situation.....feel so bad4u i. Sure all you have to do to sort it out is contact the loan company and explain the situation they only asked for that info because they thtink your the same situation as you were the previous year...! RING THEM UP!

Miguel Said:

Can i get student finance (2011) without my parents help?

We Answered:

I get a sense that you are in the United Kingdom and asking about financial aid for university study there. Am I correct?

I'm in the USA so, I am not familiar with the financial aid programs in the UK. If you are currently in school, is there someone in the school administration (in the USA we call them guidance counselors) you can ask?

If so, ask him/her. Or, talk (telephone, in-person) with someone at the university (Chester ?) who handles financial aid about your situation.

Or, visit your local public library and talk with a librarian to help you find information and the best places to ask your questions. That's one of the many things librarians do. No doubt your public library has so good information on university financial aid in the UK, as the public libraries in the United States do for the colleges/universities here.

If I'm mis-reading your question and you are in the USA, then talk (telephone or in-person) with a financial aid counselor at the college/universities to which you think you would like to attend.

Best wishes

Kent Said:

Career question for MBA-Finance Student who is sitting for CFA level 1 exam?

We Answered:

I'd say follow the CFA path before you get more formal education. You will need to be in an area with those types of jobs available like Jersey, NY, or Boston. You can apply online to companies like Goldman or JP Morgan, as well as to Fidelity or another fun company to work for one of their funds. You might have to be farther along in your CFA though first, since it gets harder and you're more likely to fail and not complete it.

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