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Student Finance 2nd Year

Annie Said:

Student Finance Confusion?

We Answered:

The person 'supporting' your application (your parents, most likely) may not have sent off their financial information for the year - P60 and all that.

That's what's happened to me - only my mum DID send it off, they've just lost it so now I'm not getting the right money unless it gets sorted out.

You'll really have to phone them (Yes, it's a pain) to get a clear answer though.

Rose Said:

i'm a 2nd year student of law 5 yr course...i want to pursue LLM in corporate law in UK..wat abt the finances?

We Answered:

im not sure about the scholarships available but the fees here are quite expenisve for international students....not to put u off or anything check some university websites out
yeh u can work whilst studying here maybe part time in a store or something...which most students do

Stella Said:

where can I look for sponsors to help me finance my daughter who is a 2nd year nursing student.?

We Answered:

JK is RIGHT ON THE MONEY!!!!!!Introduce her to the STUDENT LOAN PROGRAM. After she gradates and a hospital gives her $25,000 signing bonus to stay with the facility for 3 yrs and makes $65,000-$75,000 a yr . Then she can start giving "Dear ol' Mom ' some backpay also

Kristen Said:

What of the courses listed would be good to take for becoming a Real Estate Agent?

We Answered:

Being a realtor is really about selling and entrepreneurship so it may be better to take the second course. And it would also be particularly helpful if any of the subjects you plan to take will discuss how best to manage the sales funnel.

Franklin Said:

I am an Accounting and Finance 2nd year UEA Polish Student.

We Answered:


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