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Student Finance Advice

Kevin Said:

I am an American accounting/finance student who would love to move to Canada,BC specifically. Any advice?

We Answered:

Congratulation on your excellent choice and welcome to beautiful British Columbia, The Best Place on Earth.

Contact Foreign recruiting Specialist at
They are located in Alberta but they do place people in B.C. as well. There is no charge to you. They charge the employers only. You may receive work visa for up to one year to start with and after that you may be eligible to apply for a Permanent Resident Statute formerly known as Landed Immigrant.

All the best to you.

Ronald Said:

College student needs credit, finance advice!?

We Answered:

With the new credit cards laws in effect, it is now much more difficult to obtain a credit card if you are under the age of 21. You can get a card if you can provide documented proof of income and/or have a parent co-sign the account with you. .

If you have already been declined, or have neither of the above you will have to start building a credit history with secured credit.

Go to the bank or credit union you do business with and find out if they offer a secured card, open a account with $200-$500, and use the card each month for small purchases (a tank of gas, groceries), making sure to pay the card off in full each month, after a year or so, see if they can convert the card to an unsecured card.

You can also open a savings account and save until you have $1000. Tell the bank you want a secured loan against the account. Set it up to be repaid within 12 months. Make your payments on time every time.

At that time you will be well on the way to establishing her credit rating, it will take 24 months of consistent on-time payments to build a good credit rating

Patsy Said:

Student Finance UK, advice needed?

We Answered:

they come separate

Alma Said:

is suport from student finance enough for a single parent?

We Answered:

Good day,

I am Richard a private loan lender, i give certified loans to serious minded individuals and company at an interest rate of 5% with total loan repayment allowed weekly monthly or yearly depending on how you can make repayments if interested email me at .We only offer out in: Dollars,Pounds,Euro and Naira only.Apply with the following details:Name,Address,Cell number,Occupation,Monthly income,Loan amount needed&Duration.


Dora Said:

What is an Finance intern student expect to do?

We Answered:

Y don't u tell him that ur main objective is to learn as much as possible and make a contribution to the company in the short time u're gonna be there.

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myloweslife said:

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