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Student Finance Alias Id

Tina Said:

What is an Alias ID on the student finance?

We Answered:

What is an Alias ID?

When you support an application for means tested student finance, the student will have been asked to provide details of those upon whom they depend for financial support. The Alias ID is a unique reference which is posted out to each person supporting the application.

How is the Alias ID used?

The Alias ID uniquely identifies a student’s application for financial support. It is sent to those a student identifies when they apply as supporting them financially during their studies, such as parents, a spouse or partner. To provide financial information in support of an application on-line, you must be registered and in possession of valid login details. If you have previously supported an application you must use the ART ID, secret answer and password previously provided to login to the system. If you are supporting an application for the first time you must follow the on-line registration process where you will be provided with an ART ID, secret answer and password. Once logged in, select the “Support an Application” link and you will be asked for the Alias ID which will link you to the applicant you wish to support. You will receive a separate Alias ID for each applicant you are supporting.

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