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Student Finance Appeals

Peggy Said:

shall i invest my money with petro-canada as single site retail operator?

We Answered:

Working for someone else for a few years to gain some experience is far superior to risking your parents money. Also bank financing is very hard to get, if you previously have never even worked in that field.

Violet Said:

Most valuable undergrad degree: Management, Marketing, or Finance?

We Answered:

Finance. Or even you want even more job security you might want to consider Accounting. My theory on this is that Finance and Accounting are much more specialized fields than Management or Marketing. Finance/Accounting will open the doors to a lot of companies and if you enjoy other areas you will eventually be able to move into those once you have established yourself with the organization. It would be much easier to start with a Finance/Accounting degree and learn what management majors do (I have no idea what kind of job you get with a management degree) than the other way around.

Finance would probably come in the most handy owning a small business since you would probably learn to make better decisions on where to invest in your business.

On a personal note, I graduated with an Accounting and have never had trouble finding a job, but the work's not too exciting (for me anyway) and I would probably do Finance if I had to do it over again.

I hope this helps.

Nina Said:

What can i do to make it into Cornell University as a transfer student?

We Answered:

A 4.0 would definitely help, but don't forget making yourself marketable with extracurricular activities, community service, and taking courses specifically in your future field of study. You might also consider joining organizations or national student groups which the colleges you want to attend support.

I have put a link below for Cornell's transfer guide. On that site you will find several secondary links to their individual college requirements (IE Finance has more specific requirements than the College of Ag.

Here is what the transfer would consist of:

The Cornell Transfer Application Consists Of:

1.the Transfer Common Application, which Cornell uses exclusively (this includes pages AP-1 to AP-5, the College Instructor Evaluation and the College Official’s Report )
2.a $70 application fee or fee waiver
3.the Cornell Transfer Supplement to the Common Application, required of all transfer applicants as it includes important Cornell-specific information and required essays
4.the required Midterm Report
5.official college transcript(s), final high school transcript, and official test scores (SAT/ACT) if already taken
6.the 2010 Transfer Financial Aid Application for applicants planning to apply for financial aid specific requirements as noted in the Special Requirements for Transfer Students grid

Best of luck,

Jim Said:

Finance Career?

We Answered:

Financial services might include banks, credit unions, finance companies, etc. To work in these, you need a business education. Look at an economics degree or maybe a straight finance major.

Finance careers will offer the most opportunities in consumer financial services. There are more consumers who need loans, accounts, etc than businesses.

Courtney Said:

Adult student looking for second Bachleor's degree at an Americian university.?

We Answered:

Apply to any one of the schools in the this category "top 100 public universities." You will be surprised at the quality of education you will get at these colleges. Nobody cares really if you want to get a second degree. This is America, the land of the free, and you can pretty much study what you want, when you want. Good luck..

Oh by the way, it is nearly impossible to get a scholarship or financial aid anyway if you are an international student. You are not obliged to mention that you have any other previous degrees. Its unlikely you will get any credit for previous classes because the two degrees are unrelated.

You sound slightly crazy in a good way (the mad scientist). Most "normal" people would use the money to buy a little home or something else. How discouraged are you about living in the UK and your current career? I think you are spending a lot of money on a future career that has prospects bleaker than your current career.

Please consider University of Texas in Austin or Texas A&M, or University of Florida. I do not know anything about their engineering programs but it sounds like you could use a lot of sunshine to cheer you up. Besides homes/ cost of living are much cheaper there.

Oh one more thing, consider doing a degree in bio-medical technology. It sounds like it could interest you, pays really well, in demand right now, a hot job.

Good luck. I admire you. Valuing knowledge for knowledge's sake. You are doing what many of us wish we had the courage to do.

Be sure you check my profile for helpful links. Best question of the day.

Colleen Said:

Student finance loan appeal help.?

We Answered:

The regulations are that because of previous study you must fund yr1 yourself and get full support for Yr 2 and Yr3 so I doubt that you would get that decision overturned. One reason for this is that should a student want to change course/college again, it's only the maintenance loan that would be lost.

Julie Said:

I have one delinquency report by macy's on my Credit report, how will this affect my new private student loan?

We Answered:

?redit repair work?d fine to fix my credit. They disputed and removed lots of bad items from my credit report. I used this service -

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