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Student Finance Apply For Support

Edgar Said:

Student Finance after a gap year?

We Answered:

students are still technically dependent on their family for financial support for if you're going for income assessed finance then it's based on your parents earnings. If your parents earn over the top limit (i think it's £30,000) then you wont be eligable for a bursary. But however much your parents earn you can get the intrest free student loan for both tuition fees and maintainence (living costs). Your own income has nothing to do with it unless you earn over £30,000 which im sure you don't on a gap year. hope this helps.

Deanna Said:

How to apply for University in UK for MBA & get aid for finance?can I get a job to support my studies?

We Answered:

hope it helps, before you want to get a job there, see if you can really get a place first…………

pls take some time and do a research on the NET

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