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Student Finance Apply Online

Kay Said:

Student finance. Need help urgently?

We Answered:

They most likely want evidence of your parents income, like your father's P60 to prove he is earning a certain amount - so they know how much to lend you. If you aren't sure you can always ring them up or send the application off as it is - they will write back with specifics of what evidence they require

Priscilla Said:

Anyone applied for Student Finance...need help?

We Answered:

Your parents can support your application online too.… They will be asked questions about income and at the end it will ask them to send details of income, i.e wage slips, P60. If your parents are unemployed, they will need to complete these forms:

Download confirmation of benefits form for full-time students (CB2) (PDF, 75K)

from this link below: they will need the DWP to fill in part of the form, before sending it off.…

Your application for student fiance will not be processed until they have all the documentation they need. Hope this helps. GL

Maurice Said:

Student finance help!!?

We Answered:

I just finished applying for my finance, it was a nightmare last year and it was a nightmare this year lol. I hate to say it but be prepared for a lot more trouble and stress!

I would either put the current date, or not put anything. if you are still emplyed there it is not previous emplyment it is current employment. is there a question about that? I havnt had to fill in about that because i havnt been financially independant lol.

To be honest, the student finance people employed people with the mental ages of five year olds. they dont have a clue what they are doing and they probably wont even notice if you fill something in wrong; or they will loose your details so many times you will have finished uni by the time they give you your money (it happened to my best mate).

I guess my Student finance bashing isnt helping much, but my point was dont stress too much about it, if its not right they will contact you and you can just sort it out later. Good luck and enjoy your course.. it's worth it in the end!!!

Patrick Said:

Hi is there any one who could help me on how could I apply for an international student loan?

We Answered:

You need to call your school and ask them how other students do it. I'm sure you are not the first student to apply and not have the entire amount of cash up front that is an international student. Ask for the financial aid department or if they have a department just for international students, ask to talk to them to.

If you don't get anywhere it could be because the folks who apply and finally attend have the money to pay up front.

Jimmy Said:

student finance help!!!!!!!!!!!!?

We Answered:

Here is a link to FAFSA.
They do online apps, but I think you can print them off too. I always do mine online though.

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