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Student Finance Assessed

Earl Said:

Can anyone tell me what the diff is between non-income assessed student finance and income assessed?

We Answered:

If you apply for non-income assessed support only, you will only receive 75% of the standard student loan and grants for disabled students (if this is applicable).

If you apply for income assessed support you still receive the 75% but if your income is of a low level then you will also receive the extra 25% student loan, a grant for tuition fees (since you started prior to 2006), a higher education grant, parental learning allowance because you have a child to support and childcare grant if you wish to apply for it.

You definatley need to apply for income assessed, the forms are confusing, remember that by getting the income assessed amount your also receiving the non income assessed amount automatically.

Please ignore the second answer as it seems to relate to the US and not the UK and doesn't make sense to the way the UK student finance system works as credit rating etc is not taken into account.

If you get stuck with your form then send me a direct message and i'll talk you through it.

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