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Student Finance Australia

Lorraine Said:

Studying in Australia - Finance issues?

We Answered:

Extra curricula activities are not considered in Australian university applications. The only things that matter are your year 12 score and the $$ to pay for it.

Wade Said:

FINANCE ON CAR.Hi i am international student in melbourn, australia?

We Answered:

Hi well u have to prove u can afford to make payments etc but they will charge u heaps of interest on loan coz of the risk...

Most likely u will need a guarantor to enable loan

YES u need to have documents that are genuine coz they will check them OK? ?

Alberto Said:

Is it hard to get job for international students in Australia ?

We Answered:

There are definitely several finance companies that hire International Students.

We recommend that you contact all the firms that you are interested in working for and ask them about their recruitment criteria. This saves you from applying and getting through the initial stages only to be rejected at the end. So it is important to be aware of this from the start. That said, there are opportunities available.

The following website offers a list of companies that have a graduate international student intake. Please visit:

If you would like any other assitance, please contact us on:
You can also join our Facebook page 'Studies in Australia' today and ask any other questions you may like:

Jon Said:

International Student in Australia?

We Answered:


As a GCSE graduate, in Canberra your options are as follows:
1. If you know pretty much what do you want to study in Uni (eg. accounting, or Mechanical Engineering), then you can study at the TAFE institutes, taking the Certificate course. After completion of your Certificate course, you can either enter the 1st year uni, or continue at the TAFE institute for a diploma course, and transfer your credits to uni when finished (not having to start from 1st year).
2. If you are not very sure on what to study, then you can take Foundation Year (FY) study. It is kinda Yr12 course, where you can select Science or Business streams (more general than TAFE course). After successfully completed FY, you then proceed to 1st year of Uni.

Hope this info helpful. Feel free to browse the online database for the institutions info at the url below.

Good luck for your study and welcome to Australia :)

Cindy Said:

What school fees finance assistance loans exist in Australia?

We Answered:

If she has to pay her course fees upfront then either she is an internation student, the course is a postgrad one or she did not get a HECS place - in the latter case, if you do not get the require score in year 12 to get a place in university, some courses allow you to "BUY" your place, but in this case you have to pay the course fees for each year (you cant move the course to a HECS one). In all of these cases, there are no alternative sources of funds available. If might be an idea to take a year off from the course to earn the money for the next year. That might be her only option.

Wesley Said:

Seeking a GOOD and CHEAP Master of Accounting and/or Finance in Australia?

We Answered:


You are right. There are no ranking in Australian Universities. Even Group of 8 (GO8) is actually just a bunch of big universities who get together for promotional reason.

1. None. B'cos all Australian universities are fully accredited, their graduates are equally recognised anywhere. This means that a poor/average marked graduates from GO8 uni will still find themselves in a difficult situation to secure a job compared to the best graduates from middle-sized universities. Normally, students in middle-sized universities (student population-wise) stated that they are better cared as the uni's have lower teacher-student ratios.

2. Just go to the online database below. I have entered Master level & Accounting in the search, and found a few courses offered for 52weeks duration. However I do recommend that you read their course information & units carefully to make sure that the course offered are the one that you are expecting to study. I can see that you have got work experience and that you know what you want to study.

3. Please be advised that as an international student in Australia, you can only work max 20hrs/week during study semester period, and full-time only during semester holiday period.
Sydney & Canberra has the highest living cost. Melbourne, Perth & Brisbane come 2nd. Then Hobart, Adelaide & Darwin the 3rd. Having said that, the towns with lowest living cost are smaller and quieter, so you may got difficulty in getting casual jobs (more competition).
One thing for sure, please do not rely on income from Australia as the income may only be counted for pocket money. You will not be able to pay your living expenses or tuition fee from that. Therefore please-please-please calculate your budget properly. I have seen plenty of my fellow international students that had to quit halfway as they ran out of fund. Wasting money & time. I am giving you some links abt living expenses from some uni's for your reference.

Good luck and welcome to Australia.

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