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Student Finance Birth Certificate

Martin Said:

Sending my passport off with student finance?

We Answered:

If I were you I'd check on their website for the nearest office to you - they have at least one in every city. Then you can just go in and get it photocopied. I've got no idea how long it would take them but it generally takes at least two/ three months to process the entire application, so just to be safe I'd recommend taking it in yourself

Frederick Said:

Student Finance - Birth Certificate?

We Answered:

Send a copy, if sending a real certain always user registered or recorded delivery post

Grace Said:

What do I do if my birth certificate has been lost?

We Answered:

Scan the letter and email it to them, saying that if they cannot locate your birth certificate you would like to request that they pay for having to get a new one issued. In the meantime contact your hospital of birth and find out the necessary steps to get a new certificate.

ps. you I don't think you can sue them at this point as you would have to go through their complaint's procedure first.

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