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Student Finance Board

Christine Said:

Proofread an essay...?

We Answered:

Sounds good. I did notice one error- "you FILL forever bleed blue..." And in the last paragraph, should it read " you made A "monster" out of me..."?

Chester Said:

MBA (FIN) student.... which Ph.d should I Do?

We Answered:

Organization leadership is a good one. Also you should consider Professional Finance designations (Chartered Finance Accountants or similar).

Honestly I really don't think you need more "marketability" with what you already have. What you need is some full-time, long-term work experience. You should also consider that having too much education can scare of prospective employers.

Miguel Said:

Which degree should I get to work at Chicago Board of Trade?

We Answered:

Before I read your paragraph, economics was what popped into my head first. But it really depends on what you want to do there - there's really a wide variety. Was just on their site and they must have 20 jobs open - take a look and see what seems interesting to you. They also have an internship program. I looked at them about 10 years ago but I would have had to go back for my doctorate for the position I was interest in, didn't want to. I'm in finance and software knowledge is really part of the job anymore.

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