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Student Finance Budgeting

Sylvia Said:

Could I apply for car finance if I am an unemployed full time student?

We Answered:

I know a company which can finance a car loan and an unsecured loans for unemployed, you can try there as I am not sure about that they give car finance for unemployed
For your reference I am mentioning you the site…

Lance Said:

What are good books about managing finances for a graduating college student?

We Answered:

I was in your situation about a year ago, and I read many books about personal finance. There's a lot of bad advice out there, but here are the two that I would recommend you to read.

I would start with "Rich Dad Poor Dad". It is not the best book out there, and I certainly don't recommend to follow his investment strategies (unless you have a billion dollars in cash).. But it will put you in the right mindset, get you excited about your personal finances, and will make thinking about this stuff a lot of fun.

The second one is "Personal Finance for Dummies". It has everything you need to know, from paying cc debt, buying your first home, saving for retirement, insuring your assets, prevent you from scams, etc...

The more I read, the more I realized that personal finance is not rocket science. It all comes down to the following steps..

1- Make more than you spend
2- Invest the difference
3- Wait
4- Enjoy!

Justin Said:

Who has taken the college course Personal Finance and Investments? Is it easy? What is it about?

We Answered:

This is a great course, and really should be required. You shouldn't find it too hard. It's pretty basic, but will give you a great understanding of your finances and how best to maximize their benefits.

If you figure that most of your schooling is focused on teaching you how to make a living, this course will give you the basic understanding you will need to be financially successful managing your money for the rest of your life.

Bill Said:

Budgeting as a college student.?

We Answered:


I would suggest creating a spreadsheet of your revenues and expenses. Make one column for fixed revenues (financial aid, estimated income from part-time job, etc.). Then make another column/section on fixed expenses (see below). Your final income statement (revenues-expenses), will tell you how much you'll have to spend on food, entertainment, travel, and other perks.

Just a suggestion. I do this all the time and it gives me an idea as to how much I can spend per month after calculating my income and fixes expenses.

Fixed Expenses:
School Supplies

Optional Fixed Expenses To Add:
Cable Internet/TV
Cell Phone
Church donations
Car payments

Willie Said:

Should students be required to take finance classes in school?

We Answered:


I firmly believe that their should be required financial classes given in both high school AND college if someone chooses to go to college.

This is coming from someone who wishes they knew THEN what I know NOW. I was never taught enough about finances and ended up with too many loans, credit cards, etc.

I think if I had been taught better, I would never had to have declared bankruptcy.

Also now that I am finally getting my financial footing and getting the rest of my secured loans paid off.....I would like to start investing money but have no clue.

This is why I wish I had had some sort of class in high school about banking, bills, interest rates, debt issues, etc.

I watch Suze Orman religiously but still am clueless to the investment world.

Carl Said:

What are the best sources that can help with investments, budgeting, debt, retirement, and more?

We Answered:

Believe it or not,the " Investing for Dummies" series is not a bad place to start if you know almost nothing.
I'd concentrate on the basic first step, which is to have a regular savings plan. Until you accumulate a fair amount of money, the details of portfolio allocation strategies, etc. won't matter much. You can put your money in short term (<3 year) CDs and be okay.
Most of the online brokerages (Schwab, Ameritrade, E*Trade) have local branch offices with people who will be glad to give you some basic education if you open an account -- and you don't need a big opening balance.

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