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Student Finance Bursaries

Darlene Said:

Student finance in the UK for university?

We Answered:

Special offers for twins, that made me chuckle.

I dont know what grants, bursaries are available in your area ( are you in England, Scotland, Wales, N. Ire?)
Have a look here-…

If there are means tested (based on income) grants and burseries available, your family income is compared to number of dependants (children). Seeing as your family will have 2 children in 3rd level education, the income cut off point will be higher. It is not a special offer (still chuckling here), but it may work in your favour.

Dustin Said:

Student finance available for UK students ?

We Answered:

Yes, you have left out the biggest one of all - the taxpayer subsidy for your tuition fees. For instance, it costs about £15,000 a year to put a student through Oxford and the students pay £3,225. Talk about a bargain!

Benjamin Said:

student finances grants and bursaries?

We Answered:

you dont have to apply for bursaries. as long as you said you were happy for your details to be shared with the uni, your university will automatically check if you are eligible and let you know around november time. at least this is what my uni did. im fairly certain its the same for everyone.

Dennis Said:

New Radiography student, full time course, what grants/loans/bursaries am I applicable for?

We Answered:

Based on my own personal experience i would say you probably will qualify for a federal pell grant. You need to set an appointment with your financial aid adviser at your school for more reliable info and they can tell you the steps you need to take. A step you need to take is make sure you are considered an independent student.

Regina Said:

Student finance help?

We Answered:

If you are international student - just forget it
Student Fianancing stopped

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