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Student Finance Bursary

Lauren Said:

student finance for a disabled adult studying hnc photography?

We Answered:

For disabled student allowance you can ask for an assessment and you will be provided with funds to cover equipment which you may find helpful such as laptops, printers, consumables, other specialist equipment such as screen readers, software which may help, in your case they may provide funding for any special photography equipment you may need or software to make studying easier. They also work out how many hours of paid assistance you may need to enable you to have a person to help you with your studies, for example to help you with note taking etc. You may also receive funds to pay for any taxis you may need to travel to and from university.

The assessor will ask you about your difficulties and based upon what you tell him or her they will discover what equipment you will need to help you complete your course and what assistance you may need from a person to provide none medical help.

Contact the university or college where you want to study and ask them to put you in touch with an adviser, they are normally very helpful. Good luck

Sean Said:

what student finance do i need?

We Answered:

As you're doing the diploma you are not entitled to apply for a loan or grant from Student Finance. If you were doing the degree you would be but that's because the degree bursary is means tested & less than the diploma bursary.

Julio Said:

How to apply for a bursary?

We Answered:

If you're under 25 years of age, you'll need to enter you parents financial information. If you are head of household (in your own home) and have your won source of income, this calls for you financial information. The first thing the financial aid department will tell you to do is complete a FAFSA. After that process is done, they will provide you with an award letter that states what financial aid you're able to receive. If the income is below 25,000 like you say, you should be eligible for the maximum amount of grants. However, chances of you getting the max amount may be slim based on the timeliness. Whenever you are filling out for financial aid, you should complete your FAFSA before March 1. I believe that's the states deadline for applying for aid.

Maxine Said:

student nurse loan/bursary?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

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