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Student Finance Change Of Address

Norma Said:

Credit Card Question?

We Answered:

Gar -

Credit cards are billed monthly and your billing cycle depends on when the card is opened. The interest and fees you will pay can't be answered precisely, because the APR, in particular, does not depend solely on your behavior on that particular credit card: it can be impacted by other behaviors that show up on your credit report, such as timely payment of your rent or financial aid bills. That might seem unfair, but credit card companies try to protect themselves from you "going bad" by attempting to predict the likelihood that you will pay your bill. If they see other behaviors start to "go bad" on your credit report, the credit card company might raise your APR so that it can get more money in, faster.

A credit card company can also decrease your credit line or cancel the card altogether should it decide to do so.

The bottom line is that there are a lot of fees that can go along with a credit card, and the card agreement text you copied into your question says that the card's default rate can go as high as 30.99% so if it were me, I would assume that my APR might go as high as that level.

Hope this helps!

Stephanie Fierman


Veronica Said:

my mum brother and sisiter left me ( I carnt live anymore)?

We Answered:

Keep perusing your music career. Hard as it is try and meet new people.
Forget your family, your all you have ( Cliche )
life ain't worth ending cause of the situations your put in.

Timothy Said:

I'm starting to loose my patience...I need some insight....?

We Answered:

I would definitely ask your brother, "Hey bro, your fiance hasn't sent that $150 back to me yet. Do you know when she's gonna do that? I haven't heard from her in months."

That's your first move. And then continue to try emailing and phoning daily. Keep a record of all your activities, and make sure you have a record of the payment made to her and a record of the dress on order at the shop. If you don't hear anything after a month of consistent phoning and emailing - email her and inform her that you'll be contacting your lawyer if you don't see a payment within two weeks. If nothing happens at that point, write her off... Unless you do want to consider small claims court - although I don't know if the courts will take a case over $150. Different rules in different states.

Lois Said:

I'm starting to get really upset about this situation.....?

We Answered:

It's awful when couples postpone without giving you time to recover your money or change your plans. Sometimes it's really a risk that you take. I would definitely ask your brother about it (in a nice way) because his fiance should be able to either send you a dress or return your money. Your brother shouldn't take offense.

I'm not going to assume that you were scammed. Because of the economy, dozens of couples are postponing their weddings. However, this young woman should be doing everything in her power to return your money to you.

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