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Student Finance Complaints

Kristina Said:

Please provide me the address of union finance minister to lodge a complaint againt the harassment i went thro

We Answered:

1.Write to their regional office and get their reply.
2. Even after writing to them, and if you are not satisfied, then write to:

Shri Amitabh Verma, joint secy, banking, department of public grievances, email:

Matthew Said:

Very biased professor: what should I do?

We Answered:

The fact that your professor disagrees with you may have very little bearing on your grade. When I was an undergrad, I had a Sociology professor that liked to embarrass me on a regular basis. But, in the end, I'd earned an A because, in his view, my arguments were always well constructed. Your professor could be looking at HOW you argue your point instead of *what* you're arguing about. Most professors can appreciate a well thought out argument, regardless of their opinion of the thesis. Over the years, I have had students come to me with complaints about my grading when they have stated a number of appropriate facts but were unable put those facts together to form a cohesive argument.

You should see how things play out and if the worst happens (you get a poor grade), then consider talking to administration about your situation.

Jean Said:

Complaints about 'Nu-Way' Truck Driving School?

We Answered:

no answer yet (im about to go to nu-way to possibly train please advise me if this is a bad idea dont want to get screwed please respond asap thank you)

David Said:

what would be the correct legal way to handle this matter ?

We Answered:

i am not sure about the legal side but if they have done this to you i bet they have done it to others. search online for old cases concearning the school and try to locate other students who have been forced out.

Claudia Said:

I don't know how much longer i can carry on..major financial problems!?

We Answered:

Sorry to hear about this claire.If their was any way i could help i would.Do you have a bank account? This is a possibility if things get desperate you could get a small loan from the bank.Tell them your situation and they might just help you.I cant think of any other options,sorry.Hope things work out claire,im sure they will :) x

Edit:Ive had another thought claire you could sell stuff.This is just another option but if i was in your situation i would sell stuff,is there a cash converters in your area?

Sherri Said:

"Act your age." Really?

We Answered:

Yeah, we've all encountered those people ( for awesome customer services stories), but remember that generalizations are never completely true. Not all adults devolve like that.

The following is 100% speculation with no supporting data or observations:

If I had to hazard a guess at explaining this phenomenon, I would say that it depends on how well an individual can adapt to changes in their environment. Young people may lack knowledge by virtue of having experienced less, but they have also been rapidly changing their lifestyles for the past 18, 19, 20 years. Therefore, it's harder to..."surprise" a teenager, for lack of a more accurate term.

19 years ago, I was born. Within a year, I had learned all sorts about the world around me, and even the basics of language and locomotion. Fast forward just a couple of years, and I was walking around, talking, and always asking questions about things as the boundaries of my universe expanded through learning. It's that expanding border that is important. As young people, we have spent the majority of our lives making new discoveries; everything we encounter as a child is new and interesting, and we grow into the mold that society provides for us based on these new things that we learn. At some point puberty begins, and that is yet another huge form of change that we have to adapt to. I think that, even after just a few years of life, we become skilled at handling these changes; it becomes routine to encounter new things, and we take in stride because at some level of unconscious thought we were expecting it.

However, it seems that adaption to new knowledge and circumstances is a perishable skill. As a child and adolescent, the benefits of having that skill are obvious; with so many new things going on all the time, we have to be able to take it all in. But what happens when we're finished growing, and we know plenty about our immediate surroundings? Based on your observations (which are shared by many), that skill dies in some adults. This is also makes some sense because if adaptation to change can be viewed as a vital part of growth and development as I have suggested, then once development has ended, there is no longer a need for adaptive learning like that.

So, I've given my ideas on why young people handle things well, and why it seems to go away in older people. However, as I mentioned before, not *all* adults behave that way. Why?

In my opinion, it's connected to education. In our society, the development of our knowledge and intellectuality picks up where our physical and social development ends (ie. college and university). It's a different development, but it presents new changes nonetheless. Moving into campus dorms represents a major shift for lots of young people, but even students who live at home undergo all of the same academic rigors and mental challenges in a new academic setting.

After graduation, educated people move on to careers where that adaptive ability is important. Educated professions present employees with new problems to solve on a daily basis, even if the overall duties are repetitive. These professions operate on the cutting edge of nation-wide and worldwide social/economic changes, and their lives are much more dynamic as a result. Continued dynamic lifestyles = continued adaptation to change = continued non-stupidity.

People who do not pursue post-secondary education miss out big time. They don't have the opportunity to encounter all of those new aspects of life, and subsequently their adaptation skills wither and die. Whereas their young self would have subconsciously anticipated having to wait in a long line at lunch time, their older self is surprised and angry.

Whew, that was quite a little essay. I hope you read it all. Once again, all of that is purely opinion and speculation.

After reading that over, I have to make some corrections. The rate of post-secondary graduation can't be the only explanation. I will correct myself by saying that there are probably many ways for one to continue stimulating their adaptive skill, and education is just one of them.

This change comes due to the obvious error on my part that not all non-degree holders are "tards". So, there have to be other factors involved.

It's also entirely plausible that my whole hypothesis is wrong.

Danny Said:

Hi everybody!!I'm an italian student..could you help me with these tests??i need them for a competition...?

We Answered:

1. cool
2. ceiling
3. loaf
4. get cold feet
5. fit
6. waste
7. sky high
8. to go broke
9. fishing
10. my heart
11. out of
12. shots
13. bacon
14. bleeped it out
15. flock
16. crack
17. apple
18. woods
19. bush
20. I wouldn’t dream of
21. folded
22. statement
23. would have been given
24. tasteless
25. clutch
26. nightmare
27. bought
28. so kind as

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