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Student Finance Contact Address

Michelle Said:

ISLAMIC FINANCE professionals or students?

We Answered:

Calvin Said:

hey i need help my business plan :: give your opinion or try to help me?

We Answered:

OK, you're on the right track, but you have GLARING spelling and grammar problems. This reads like someone who has only been speaking English for 3-5 years.

For example:
"Design coffer shop" under the "Name"
"Design coffee shop it well began operations in November 2009, and we going to prepare the plans to undertake a small expansion." Instead of "Design coffee shop will begin operations in November 2009, and we going to prepare the plans to undertake a small expansion." You might even try "Design Coffee Shop will begin operations in November 2009. Plans also include undertaking a small expansion with 6-8 months of beginning operations."

Also, what do you mean by "an assortment of other items" as part of you monthly income? Are these the cookies and donuts, or will you be selling the art as well?

You have Employee Taxes, but what about Employee payroll?

Where are you getting your start up capitol for renovations?

Do you money set aside for Rent?

Where in the country is this shop going to be? This will greatly affect your income and expenses.

Eugene Said:

How do i sue my university?

We Answered:

Contact a solicitor immediately. It will cost you nothing. Ask him/her to send a letter to the university expressing your grievance and what you are asking for. Usually that in itself solves the problem and you will have your issue resolved. If not, the solicitor usually goes public by having the date of court proceeding announced through media. Schools do not want negative public attention.

Miguel Said:

Does anyone want to help create a Pagan boarding school?

We Answered:

OH HEX TO THE YEA SIGN ME UP wait which branch of paganism or just basic teaching And yes students would be okay just be international. Oh and I would start with a summer program.

Janet Said:

If a letter has been sent to my address but the postcode is wrong, will it still arrive?

We Answered:

It should do. While the automatic equipment will send it to the wrong postcode area, the postman/woman who delivers it will recognise that the address does not fit the postcodes in their area and they will send it on. The problem is, if the address or town or village is a common one - there may be several areas to try.

I would ask the student finance to send out the letter AGAIN and this time to the correct address - it may be quicker. They should do this quickly as presumably, the mistake is their fault.

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