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Kurt Said:

UOP Student Loan?

We Answered:

Well, now when you do the after class survey you will know to mark "Strongly Disagree" with the fact that UoP treats you like a valued person.

These guys are absolutely horrible when it comes to you owing them money. They are disjointed, miscommunicate, and occasionally even a bit duplicitous. But I digress.

They will likely bill you for the class if you did not drop it before it began. If you dropped it before it began, then I do not believe they can charge you. Sometimes their systems are horribly slow.

You need to keep contacting them over and over until they give you a straight answer. They cannot just hold on to loan money that has not been applied to a course if you are no longer enrolled. Either if qualifies to be given to you as a refund, or they must refund the lender the loan. Just stay on them like a pit bull until you get answers. Don't let the issue lie around and keep notes on everyone you talk to and what they tell you. That part is incredibly important if you are getting the run around.

Joshua Said:

A question is for person want to make friends with everybody around the world?^_^?

We Answered:

Nothing wrong with wanting to meet people from all over the world. This, however, is a question and answer forum, so I doubt you'll get responses here. If you type "free online pen pals" in your browser, you'll find tons of websites where you can sign up to meet people from any country you choose.…

Becky Said:

Can you please rate my essay on the following prompt.?

We Answered:

Dozens of typical grammatical errors. Missing punctuation, sentence fracture, etc. President is always capitalized when it's the President of the United States.

Otherwise, the language and theme are ok.

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Wisata Pulau Pramuka said:

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Pulau Harapan said:

doing work in the field associated with tourism is within desperate want excellent skills. working work site is extremely appropriate in my opinion that an professional in the field of vacation and leisure.

essay help online said:

They will seemingly bill you for the category if you probably did not drop it before it began. If you born it before it began, then I don't believe they'll charge you. generally their systems area unit awfully slow.