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Student Finance Customer Service

Sally Said:

Hi ;), would anybody check the grammar of this sentences ? Thanks a lot ;)?

We Answered:

The grammar seems to be okay but something is missing. You don't really want to work there do you? Hahaha, job hunting will never change.

Ask yourself these questions...

Why do you want to work for FFM?

Who is it that wants to work for FFM?
You have done a pretty good job listing your accomplishments. But who are you?

What specifically would you do for FFM if hired? You have already listed your experience.

Where specifically in the FFM organization would you preform these "wonderful" things.

You have listed how you were able to succeed on other projects. Specifically, how you can help FFM?

When and how long would you be available for employment with FFM?

Why would you be a better choice than somone else?

Good Luck!

Carlos Said:

Will there be a control on jobs being outsourced to countries like India after President Obama takes over?

We Answered:

Barack Obama has more than hinted that he intends to 'protect' US jobs and businesses. Not sure exactly what his plans are, but they could prove a disaster, especially if such ideas spread across the Globe.

Self preservation and protectionism turned the 1929 Wall Street crash into the worst depression the world has ever known. Thousands of Americans and people across the Globe literally died of starvation.

American citizens should do what we British have done concerning overseas call centers, such as bank customer services etc. We simply boycotted those banks who insisted on having call centers in India etc.

Result is that most banks etc here in UK now have direct dial to the customer's actual branch. When I phone my bank, I get my call answered in less than a minute and it's someone actually at my own branch who knows me and my accounts and can help me out, or whatever.

Your friend would not have been fired had there been a proper minimum wage for the whole of the USA and other sorts of protection, proper unions and so forth.

Here in UK there is an across the board minimum wage, which I think is now about £5.50 or £6 per hour. So no matter what, an employer has no choice but to pay exactly the same hourly rate no matter where a person comes from. Thus employing cheap labour is not an option here.

There are also very powerful unions here in UK with a very long history and who also have lots of MPs in the House of Commons who can make life extremely difficult for any government including their own Labour government if needs must.

Our entire history here in UK is very much different from that of the USA. While Americans can enjoy the fruits of those who fought in the Revolutionary War, which resulted in the world's first real democracy, let's say since the City of Athens in BC-something, the same is not true here in UK.

The people have had to fight every inch of the way to get the freedoms and so forth which we enjoy today. It's been a long hard struggle. Thus both the people and their elected representatives, MPs in the House of Commons, are ever vigilant against ill advised ideas, especially ones which lead to a leakage of jobs going abroad.

This could lead to considerable civil unrest and therefore I am entirely in favour of any action which Barack Obama can take to stem the flow of jobs going out of the USA. But, like I say, it must be done with great care.

We are now very much in a Global market and what is done today in the USA could have serious repercussions around the Globe.

My advice, think before acting and listen to anyone, especially 'friends and allies'.

Scott Said:

what field? Finance or Accounting?

We Answered:

Hello ,
I am in the finanace field myself now . Acttually the person I report to is Russian and she has a strong accent . That did not stop the higher rank above her from hiring her and giving her this huge position . In any even , I have to be honest with you and tell you that the accountants and the financial advisors and every one in our field had to have good communication skillls (this does not mean that you are not allowed to have a accent) . Usually we are all in webinars and seminars and conferences and we have to relate our points across the board . I think that as long as you are clear enough and speak slow people will understand you . In my opinion accounting is very boring and routine if you like doing the same thing over and over again then go for it . If you like waking up and not knowing how the day will turn out and get paid the BIGGGG bucks you should invest your brain in getting your BS in FINACIAL ADVISING OR ADMINISTRATING .......... The financial advisor in our company make more than $255K a year ! . I have to say its allot of work and thinking but the reward is worth it . The point is that in both fields yo will have to communicate with humans . If you want a job that requires no communication with humans , that will be hard to find .

Discuss It!

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