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Student Finance Dates Of Payment

Melinda Said:

student loan repayment(very detailed)?

We Answered:

As long as your loan doesn't have any pre-payment penalty, I'd say go for it. Whether or not you're currently accruing interest doesn't really matter unless you can invest your money in something that will get you a return higher than your 11.864 interest rate. Just make sure you always get the payment applied to the principal.

Herbert Said:

Please I have a question on moving loan due dates?

We Answered:

Stop worrying so much about the due dates as the outstanding debt. Start throwing every dime you have toward that 9 percent car loan and as soon as possible. You are not earning anything period as long as you are paying out almost 8% and earning 3 percent regardless of when you make the payments.

Dana Said:

Would any of these forms of ID be acceptable for a club?

We Answered:


William Said:

How do I bring up the "m" word?

We Answered:

He is absolutely correct in saying that they are too young. Instead of pressing for marriage, be glad that you are in a terrific relationship with someone who possesses the maturity to understand his limitations.

When the time is right, and if the time is right, it will happen naturally. There is nothing wrong with him knowing that you consider him marriage material....just at some time in the future.

Karl Said:

I have around $7,000 of credit card debt. I'm a full time student and I want advice to get it under control.

We Answered:

Sounds like you've built up a good credit record. The problem as you've noticed is most of your payment is going to finance charges.

The best solution is to look for a lower interest card and transfer the balances to it. For that I have to suggestions:

1. Go to or and look for cards offering 0% balance transfer or low interest rate (like 3% to 5%) for life of the balance. Then do a balance transfer.

2. If you are a student, see if your school has a credit union available. Often schools faculty and workers are eligible, and so are students. Credit unions have much lower standard interest rates then commercial banks on their credit cards. Being a credit union member is a good idea anyway, as their services are much cheaper then a big monster megabank.

Then after finding a lower interest card, even if you make the same payments more will pay off principal each month.

Lois Said:

Student accommodation and student finance problem?

We Answered:

You will get the room with the understanding that payment will be made in October. Basically, the payment form needs to be received by the 25th September, confirming that you are taking a student loan, however if you want to make sure then I would contact your university accomodation department.

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