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Student Finance Deadline 2010

Minnie Said:

student finance help!!!!!!?

We Answered:

The deadline is normally to have it received, not for it to be processed so should be fine.

It may take a while as there are stories coming out that some people applied back in March and April and still have not received a decision!

Erik Said:

Student Finance help!!!!!?

We Answered:

The deadline of 25th June, is to get your application submitted, and you have done this, so no more worrying. Student finance are pretty much on the ball, most applications are processed for new and continuing students. However, as I have said your application was submitted before the deadline date...supporting evidence can be submitted at a later date. :)

Ian Said:

Looking for Finance Schools in the US; SAT I and II enquiries?

We Answered:

Hate to say it dude, but with your SAT I scores, forget about the SAT IIs.
520 on the cr and 720 on the math section puts you at a total of 1240 out of 1600 (the writing section isn't often viewed as all that important).
This scores puts UCLA, Duke, Michigan and UPenn all out of reach.

It is also merely average at Penn State. Considering the fact that penn state is a state school and gives preference to in state applicants, I'd say it's a definite reach for you. It is by no means a safety school.
If you want to go to school in the US, you need to either vastly improve your sat scores or start looking at a whole new class of schools. Without absolutely fantastic grades, your scores aren't even good enough to get you into penn state.

Johnny Said:

Cons, quick -- what's wrong with this education reform proposal?

We Answered:

As an educator, this is what I think the problem is:

"...the White House wants to change federal financing formulas so that a portion of the money is awarded based on academic progress, rather than by formulas that apportion money to districts according to their numbers of students."

And the initial reaction is that I don't want to be accountable, but that's just not the case. In education, there are just too many variables.
1) How will we define "progress?" Standardized test scores? Grades? There's inherent problems in both of those solutions.

2) It's the poorer areas that are more likely to have less parental involvement and therefore less push for an education, less drive to succeed, and a much higher rate of absences and drop outs.

To be clear, I am opposed to No Child Left Behind, and I know that we must do something. That status quo is not doing it. But the answer to a good education is parental involvement almost 100% of the time.

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