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Student Finance Deadlines

Lillian Said:

Student Finance, no passport or birth certificate?

We Answered:

Obtain another copy of your birth certificate from the place in which you were born. In the future do not send important papers without first making your own copies. You can also try the passport division and see if they will at least give you a statement as to your passport number./

Jeanne Said:

When is the deadline for student finance?

We Answered:

FAFSA? The original deadline for the most possible money was March 2nd. You can apply up until sometime in September though

Karen Said:

The deadline for student Finance is 25th June. What would happen if it's sent later then that date?

We Answered:

Was that previous answer maybe from the US? If you're in the UK, then you won't be automatically rejected or anything, but it doesn't guarantee that you will recieve your first payment on time. As the Student Loan Company is notorious for paying late even to people who apply on time, I would try and get it in as soon as poss if I were you. It might go through on time, but if it is late you'll just have to deal with waiting for the money for a short while - if you're living in halls it is fairly easy, as you can just explain the situation to your uni and show them any letters of confirmation you have to show that your payment will be late. If your with a private landlord it should be ok too, as they know that this can sometimes happen with students and so understand the risk. You'll get an overdraft too, so you can use that, or your uni will have a hardship fund that you can apply to for emergencies.

Don Said:

When is the deadline for the student finance stuff?

We Answered:

I'm not sure about the deadline because each financial aid and scholarship has different rules about it. Some friends of mine in college told me that they have valuable information regarding scholarships from this place.
Good luck

Myrtle Said:

student finance . . ?

We Answered:


because you are starting your studies for this year in Sept 08 and finishing the first year in June 09

Good luck!

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